BLACKPINK Fans Outraged By ‘Disrespect’ To Jisoo

BLACKPINK Fans outraged by article in Rolling Stone Korea which claimed that Jisoo “doesn’t have the most outstanding talent” in the group.

The article, which has since been amended, stated that “Jisoo does not have the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, but her growth is much more visible.”

Fans have taken to social media, especially Twitter, to express their anger at the alleged disrespect towards the singer and demand that the magazine apologize to Jisoo for the ambiguous statement.

In addition, fans also noted that the same article was apparently directed at Jisoo’s bandmate Lisa, who is originally from Thailand, with a line pointing to the latter’s “exotic appearance” and calling her a “foreign member” . Group.

Such topics are sensitive for BLACKPINK fans as Lisa has been subjected to racist and xenophobic attacks in the past.

Although the magazine has since amended the online version of the article, removing most of the controversial phrases, fans still demand that the publication issue a formal apology.

So far neither BLACKPINK nor Rolling Stone Korea commented on the question further.