Chicago mob boss Mike ‘Fat Man’ Sarno to remain in jail despite COVID and failing health

CHICAGO (WLS) – The I-Team has learned that Chicago mob boss Mike “Fat Man” Sarno will be offered a deal he can’t refuse: he will stay in jail despite COVID and failing health.

Sarno, who was trying to reach an agreement with prosecutors and the courts to get out of prison due to COVID and his own allegedly failing health, was denied release on compassionate grounds by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

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In an interview with I-Team, Sarno’s lawyer said his client was a victim of a justice system that still views the Chicago mob the way Hollywood portrays it. He disputes that Sarno would resume firing on the mob from a wheelchair if he were released, a court convinced by federal prosecutors.

“I think he’s another Italian-American victim of the RICO Act,” said Chicago attorney John Hwarzynski. “He’s serving time for something he wasn’t even convicted of.”

Sarno worked his way up to powerful street boss in suburban Outfit, and then the federal hammer fell. In 2012, he was sentenced to 25 years for racketeering in a suburban burglary and theft.

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“I think the government, the district court and the appeals court still believe that the mafia exists and that it’s like what you see in the movies,” Chwarzynski said. “They wrote that they thought Mike could still do what he used to do while sitting in a wheelchair. And that’s what you know, Hollywood staged it and it’s not like that anymore.”

When the bully’s health deteriorated a few years ago, he was transferred to the US Prisons Administration facility in Springfield, Missouri, where he remains in the nursing home to this day.

First known as “Fat Man” and then “Big Guy”, Sarno is now 64 years old and is said to be part of his former self in terms of health, size and strength.

But, according to his lawyer, Sarno’s story has generated huge interest from Hollywood.

“It’s a big, big producer – the Man on Fire producer with Denzel Washington – so they want to talk,” Chwarzynski said. “We’re in talks right now… they want to start with a podcast and then write a book and script at the same time.”

Since it looks like Sarno will remain in prison until the end of his term, Chwarzynski points out that Sarno was not sentenced to life in prison, but “with the way things are going,” that’s where he could end up.

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