Confirmation of Ohio Rape Victim’s Abortion Story Forces Some Conservative Doubters to Back Down

Biden drew attention to this case, originally reported by the Indianapolis Star, last week as an example of the dangers of reducing or outright eliminating access to abortion in Republican states. A 10-year-old Ohio girl was unable to have an abortion in her home state at just over six weeks pregnant due to a recently introduced state banning abortions after the first detectable “fetal heartbeat.”

Republicans quickly pounced on the case as news of it spread across the country, saying the story was part of a pro-liberal abortion rights agenda.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said Monday in an appearance on Fox News that he has not heard “not a whisper” about the case from law enforcement or any arrests made in connection with the case. He doubled down on Tuesday USA Today bureau offer in Ohio that the story was “fiction”.

“I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened,” Yost told USA Today. “I’m telling you there’s not a damn clue.”

When a man was arrested in connection with the case on Wednesday, Yost issued a statement praising the Columbus Police Department for “getting the rapist off the street.” He did not mention his previous assertions about the legitimacy of the case in the statement.

Rep. Jim Jordan (Republican from Ohio), before the arrest of the man accused in this case, supported Yost’s opinion.

“Another lie. Anyone surprised?” Jordan tweeted, which he deleted after the rapist was arrested and charged. said in a follow-up tweet that the suspect “should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

Republicans across the country continued to insist that the story was a hoax until the rapist’s arrest.

South Dakota Gov. Christy Noem said on twitter last week that “it’s like the story was fake from the start. Literal #FakeNews from liberal media.”

The media also joined in questioning the case prior to the arrest of the rapist. Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal rebuked Biden for covering what he called an “unproven” story.

“We appear to have a presidential seal of approval for an unlikely story from a biased source that clearly matches the progressive narrative but cannot be confirmed,” the post reads.

AT subsequent editorial published on Thursday, the magazine’s editors acknowledged that the reports it questioned were indeed accurate. The magazine lamented that the initial reports were not more thoroughly corroborated by law enforcement or the local press, but wrote that “we appreciate our commitment to correct the record in this case, which is appalling.”

Fox News anchor Jesse Watters hosted the opening segment of his show on Monday questioning the case, saying “no one even knows anything about it” and calling the original source of the story, Dr. J. Caitlin Bernard, “the darling of the press”. Emily Compagno, another Fox News anchor, said Tuesday she finds it “deeply offensive” that the media has to “fake” a fake rape victim.

The Washington Post also cast doubt on a case in the original report, calling it a “story from one source”. Conservative news portal This was told by the Daily Caller. was “unverified”.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, Republican said on Wednesday that his office would investigate Bernarda doctor who helped a 10-year-old victim cross state lines to get an abortion.

“We are gathering evidence as we speak and we are going to fight this to the end, including checking her license if she has not reported. And in Indiana, it’s a crime … to deliberately not report, ”Rokita said on Fox News.

Now that the story has been confirmed and the original claims debunked, the Republicans have turned to politicizing another aspect of the case: immigration.

It is reported by Fox News. that the person accused in the case is an undocumented immigrant, citing a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement source. Other conservative outlets There are also updated their case reportsemphasizing the suspect’s immigration status.

“Undocumented immigrants raping 10-year-old girls is probably not the story they want, so expect this inconvenient fact to be dropped,” conservative commentator. Steven Miller tweeted about it. on Wednesday.