Electric scooter accident: grandma hit, East Victoria Park

CCTV captured the shocking moment Grandma walked out of the nail salon and was hit by an e-scooter driver.

A Perth grandmother was hospitalized after she left a nail salon and was hit by an electric scooter.

The incident took place Wednesday afternoon outside a nail salon on the Albany Highway in the suburb of East Village Park.

A surveillance camera captured the moment when an elderly woman took a couple of steps out of the salon and an electric scooter crashed into her.

The woman and the male rider were thrown into the air.

Salon employee Bell Buffham told 7 News she watched helplessly through shop windows as the woman flew through the air.

“She flew from one end of my store straight to the other, two meters,” Ms Buffham said.

The woman reportedly told Ms Buffham that she had completed chemotherapy for brain cancer.

“She just had chemo, just had brain cancer, and now it happened to her, so her body is very fragile,” she said.

The woman’s family said the e-scooter driver was very apologetic, 7 News reported.

Electric scooters are allowed on footpaths, but their maximum speed is limited to 10 km/h.

The incident has been reported to the police.

A woman in Adelaide is suing Lime Scooter for her $22,000 medical bills after she was hit by an e-scooter after her insurance didn’t cover them.

Originally published as Grandmother with cancer hit by electric scooter on footpath