Hyundai confirms the performance of the Ioniq 5 N electric car

An incredible new model is heading to Australia with the promise of incredible performance never before seen by the brand.

High Performance Hyundai N division will introduce its first electric car in 2023.

Based on the award-winning Electric sunroof Ioniq 5The new model is expected to combine all-wheel drive traction with serious power and polished styling.

The most promising element may be what Hyundai calls a “corner cheater,” the promise of making the car more fun to drive than its electric rivals like the Tesla Model 3.

Hyundai will not discuss the technical details of the car, which is due to be revealed later this year.

But it hinted at the possibilities of the car with a new concept car based on the new concept. Hyundai Ionic 6 sedan – a car that shares its bones with the hatch of the Ioniq 5.

Powered by front and rear electric motors with a combined output of 430kW and 740Nm, the car is equipped with a 77.4kWh battery that should help it reach 100km/h in three seconds and top speed in excess of 250km/h.

These power and battery figures closely match the impressive output specifications claimed Kia EV6 GT, a production car that shares key equipment with its Hyundai cousins.

Like the EV6 GT, the Ioniq is expected to have a sophisticated torque distribution system on the rear axle.

Hyundai says the system can change power from side to side, transferring torque to the outside rear wheel to improve agility and possibly induce side-to-side thrills.

The brand confirmed that the new N Drift Mode will appear in future models, but did not say if it will be implemented on the Ioniq 5 N.

Many electric vehicles claim fast acceleration, but few are as attractive to drive as well-polished traditional-engined cars.

Like the RN22e concept, the Ioniq 5 N will likely feature larger wheels and brakes than regular models, with wider performance tires that will allow riders to take full advantage of the performance potential.

Hyundai is also flirting with sound and vibration effects to mimic the thrill of a high-performance engine, as well as 3D printing that could reduce the weight of a future production model.

The concept car based on the Ioniq 6 is officially a “mobile lab” for testing new parts and ideas.

Hyundai VP Till Wartenberg won’t go into specific details related to the production model, but we wouldn’t be surprised if elements of the test sedan are carried over to next year’s production hatchback.

“In just seven years, Hyundai N has become the fastest growing brand,” he said.

“These mobile lab projects are a great way to prepare for next year’s Ioniq 5N to bring the N electrification concept to reality.”

Originally published as Hyundai Ioniq 5 N locked for 2023