Launched a new electric vehicle brand Radar

The passenger car market is about to undergo huge changes as car manufacturers – new and old – begin to create these revolutionary new products.

Chinese giant Geely has outlined plans for an electric car.

Under the auspices of the company are several major brands. including Volvo and niche brands such as Lotus.

Geely also has experience with electric vehicles through its The Polestar brand, launched this year in Australia, was an instant success.

Now he has launched another brand called Radar, which plans to build a new electric double cab car called the RD6 with a range of over 600 km.

Revealed this week, the RD6 was designed by Lotus creative director Peter Horbury and will reportedly be built on the same electric vehicle platform as the upcoming Polestar 4 SUV.

Radar is expected to focus on electric cars and SUVs as brand head Ling Shiquan told Reuters he expects the annual sales of utes in China to reach 3 million.

“More people are living healthier lives, spending more time outdoors, while governments are also easing restrictions on pickup trucks in cities,” Ling said. “These changes support pickup truck growth.”

The new RD6 is most likely intended for the new Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T, which have just begun deliveries in the US.

Tesla is also working on its electric Cybertruck, which has been delayed several times as the company focuses on expanding its manufacturing capacity around the world.

It’s still too early to tell if Geely will launch the Radar Down Under brand, but the success of Polestar and Volvo’s electric SUVs in Australia could help get it done sooner rather than later.

There are several other brands exploring the idea of ​​electrified vehicles.

Ford has unveiled the new Ranger Ute.. An electric version is not expected anytime soon, but the brand has developed a new car platform with the ability to add electric power.

Volkswagen Amarok – which shares its fundamentals with the Ranger – will also go electric at some point in the future.

Carsten Intra, CEO of VW Commercial Vehicles, said it is likely that some form of electrified Amarok will appear during the car’s next production run.

“Electrification is a subject in all different areas. What we see in this pickup truck business is that there is a lot of demand for electrification. This car is actually made for electrification. What we need to do now is to study the markets,” he said.

“We are flexible. We have a current range of drivetrains – diesel and petrol – but we keep a close eye on the market and the platform is flexible and allows us to come up with new electrified versions as well. We are ready for whatever comes.”

Hyundai has said it will not produce a diesel or petrol powered workhorse, but Thomas Schemera, Hyundai’s vice president of global products and planning, told News Corp Australia this week An electric car or pickup truck could be in Hyundai’s plans.

“We have a lot of things in development,” he said.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet. But I can imagine that if there is a way to showcase and compose such cars, for example, for Australia or the USA, we will do it.”

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