Leon Reed: Irish sprinter denied entry to Commonwealth Games, according to CNN News18 affiliate.

Olympic The semi-finalist was given a suspended sentence in February after being found guilty of allowing crack cocaine to be produced in his apartment in the southwest English city of Bristol, according to CNN-News18.
Last week, Reid, 27, was named to the 2022 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland roster for the men’s 200m race scheduled for August. Athletics Northern Ireland. In May, Northern Ireland’s governing body for athletics stated that Reed would be assessed for selection despite his conviction. It is reported by CNN-News18..
The Commonwealth Games in Northern Ireland said they were “seeking clarity” on a possible appeal of the decision. CNN-News18 also reported.
“(We are) disappointed to confirm that track and field athlete Leon Reed has been denied entry to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games following a security risk assessment. Leon was selected by the CGNI and entered the 200m before the June 29th deadline.” This is stated in the statement of the Commonwealth Games in Northern Ireland. CNN-News18.
Ireland's Leon Reid (center left) and South African Anaso Jobadwana (center right) compete in Cork City Sports at the Munster University of Technology track and field stadium in Ireland on July 5.

“Subsequently, notice was received from the organizing committee of Birmingham 2022 that he would not be allowed to participate. The NI of the Commonwealth Games is currently seeking clarity on any potential appeal mechanism and support has been offered to the athlete on this news. “, added in the statement.

CNN has reached out to representatives from The Reid, the Commonwealth Games in Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth Games Federation for comment.

“As with any major event, ensuring a safe and secure experience for all participants requires the creation and enforcement of strict checks and balances,” Birmingham 2022 tournament organizers said in a statement to CNN.

“Birmingham 2022 has worked closely with the National Accreditation Panel to screen and screen all delegates who plan to attend the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. In accordance with this nationally recognized guidance, we have clearly defined the parameters and details of the checks that will be carried out on the participation of individuals. This information has been brought to the attention of all Commonwealth Games teams and associations well in advance of team selection,” the statement said.

Reid made his debut at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. biography.
Four years later, he made history by taking bronze in the men’s 200m at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, when he became the first athlete from Northern Ireland to win an international athletics medal in 28 years. Web site said.