Neil Patrick Harris ‘breaks up’ and returns to dating apps in new Netflix series

Neil Patrick Harris newly single and, um, attempt chat in the trailer for Uncoupled, his new Netflix series.

Coming out July 29th.UnrelatedHarris plays Michael Lawson, a New York real estate agent whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when his boyfriend Colin (Took Watkins), decides to end their relationship after 17 years.

Suddenly, Michael is forced to re-enter the dating scene as a gay man in his 40s and finds that a lot has changed since he was last in the market.

Luckily, he can rely on pals Suzanne (Tisha Campbell) and Stanley (Brooks Ashmanskas) to help him navigate his new reality, including taking his first NSFW photo for a dating app.

Check out the Uncoupled trailer below.

As comedic as it is sugar-coated, the New York City dating romance, “Uncoupled” looks destined to be compared to “Sex in the city. ” Actually, the eight-episode series was co-created by Darren Star, who launched SATC in 1998, and Jeffrey Richman of Modern Family.

Speaking people In May, Star described “Uncoupled” as “a much more mature show” compared to his previous work.

“We are talking about those who have to start over,” he said.

In real life Harris was married to David Burtka since 2014. He told Out magazine Last month, he viewed “Uncoupled” as an opportunity to “live out his weird fantasies about being a bachelor.”

However, Harris said he did not share Michael’s fear of aging, noting, “Honestly, I feel better than I have in my entire life.”

“I think that for most of my life in my body I felt younger than I actually was,” he explained. “I often felt insecure in the gyms, at parties or socializing because I was uncomfortable in my skin. Now that I [49]I’m proud of my journey and I don’t feel like it’s ending.”

“Untethered” premieres July 29 on Netflix.