Niskara Elementary School in Milwaukee Discovered Hidden Treasures During Renovation Project

Milwaukee (CBS 58) — Antique and unique finds have been unearthed at a local school undergoing renovations.

CBS 58 takes us to Neeskara Elementary School in northwest Milwaukee, where the project’s developers have enjoyed the past.

“Yes, a total surprise,” said Heather Ditzel, Milwaukee Public Schools Sustainability Project Manager.

Ditzel said it was her reaction when she and her team stumbled upon the toys that held the memory of decades.

Ditzel cautiously boasted about the toy find, listing the finds: “Dude, the van, the police cruiser is pretty cool too, a couple of pieces is a place to store something.”

These memories were unlocked during the final stages of the Green and Healthy Schoolyard Project.

“We had to ask a contractor to cut the locks, and that’s when we found those toys that we hadn’t seen for quite some time,” Dietzel said.

The renovation project is valued at nearly a million dollars over three years, but Ditzel says the memories are worth far more.

“Some of these pieces got stuck in the pavement, we had to kind of pull them out.”

Heather carefully demonstrated visualizations of the project, which she says will benefit the school and community members.

“Pavement pores that trap stormwater and a place for kids to relax and get ready for school.”

A project that would not have been possible without the additional help of community partners: MMSD, the City of Milwaukee, the Department of Public Works, the City of Milwaukee Eco Office, and many others.

Primary school students also take part in the improvement.

“They’re running penny wars, selling name-engraved bricks to be built into the playground.”

The playground has clearly been used generation after generation.

The project is scheduled to be completed this fall so that students and the community can enjoy their new space.

The school plans to keep the toys so that current students can enjoy them for years to come.