NRL News 2022: Benji Marshall to coach Wests Tigers from 2025, Tim Shins

Wests Tigers icon Benji Marshall is backing himself to resurrect the team’s fortunes, but not everyone is convinced of the appointment.

Despite his lack of coaching experience, Wests Tigers icon Benji Marshall is backing himself to revive the team’s fortunes after signing a five-year deal with his former club.

On Thursday evening, Tim Shins was announced as the Tigers’ coach for the next two seasons.and Marshall is poised to take over from 2025 in an attempt to rejuvenate a struggling club.

It comes after Panthers assistant Cameron Chiraldo pulled out of a five-year contract with the club in recent weeks.

The Tigers, currently at the bottom of the NRL rankings, have not played in the Finals since 2011, but Marshall is adamant he can make a difference with Sheens and former teammate Robbie Farah, who will be Sheens’ assistant coach. in 2023. 2024.

“It’s very exciting, I love this club,” Marshall told the Fox League. NRL 360 on Thursday evening.

“To be able to go and be a mentor to someone like Tim Shins for two years and then take over as head coach is something I dreamed of.

“It happened a little earlier than I expected, but you know what, I am supporting myself to take this opportunity and do a good job.

“I am passionate about it and looking forward to the opportunity.

“We have been in this position before in 2003 when (Sheens) took over.

“It was very similar, we were in a desperate situation at the bottom of the table, we put all these kids through it, which made an impact and we won the competition in 2005.

“At the moment, as a club, we are undoubtedly struggling to attract players.

“I have been part of this coaching system that a lot of good kids have gone through and we have been successful with that so we have to help these kids and I think Tim is the best guy for that.

“I didn’t have any coaching experience, the last five years of my career I felt like I coached more than I played. It doesn’t resonate with what an assistant coach does, but I’ve seen all the subtleties.

“I know how to plan an attacking structure, I know what it takes to be successful in an attack, and that’s what my job will be.”

Shins, who is currently the club’s director of football, coached the Tigers in 249 games from 2003 to 2012. He and Marshall were the driving force behind the club’s first premiership in 2005.

But not everyone is convinced of this: Balmain legend Benny Elias warns of the danger. Fox League Podcast: “Any Wests Tigers fan can’t be upset, Benji Marshall is an icon of our club and an absolute superstar.

“Do I think this job will stop him? No. He is full of confidence and will only get better and better.

“But, look, he didn’t coach anyone anywhere.

“It doesn’t mean that if you’re a club legend you’ll be a good coach, but I have complete confidence in the Benji Marshall type.

“He is very thorough and I think he will learn a lot with Tim Shins. He will nurture him and rely on him more than just an assistant coach. I think he will take on a much more senior role.

“It’s hard to be critical, Benji is a legend and everyone loves Benji Marshall and whoever doesn’t is a superstar.

“But it’s a gamble and you have to ask the Wests Tigers board who made that decision.

“Only time will tell, I wish god he was the right person for the job and I have always said that I would choose a guy who is tried and true.

“Benji is a very impressive person and very knowledgeable. I think he will do great and I should have bet on any player who didn’t, Benji Marshall would be in the top 3.”

Meanwhile, 9News reporter Michael Atkinson tweeted: “I hope this works because Benji seems like the best guy and Tigers fans have probably suffered long enough…however I can’t help but feel this has a better chance of being a disaster.” . . Seems like a huge risk.”

Marshall played 257 games in 14 seasons with the Tigers after his NRL debut in 2002, scoring 1,181 points for the club.

“It’s about getting the Wests Tigers DNA into the club and it’s about putting together a solid coaching plan for the next five years,” said Wests Tigers chief executive Justin Pascoe.

“This is a very clear path forward for our club and we are delighted to have Tim, Benji and Robbie reunited for the next phase of our club’s development.

“Benji and Robbie are two of the most talented players this club has seen and Tim’s coaching record speaks for itself.

“These three have achieved just about everything that can be achieved in the game and I know this partnership will be very, very powerful for our club.

“It also shows that we are creating pathways not only for our players, but also for our coaches.

“This is a great day for our club.”

Originally published as Tigers legend warned after Benji Marshall signed five-year deal with coach