Spotify buys Heardle, a music game inspired by Wordle

Onur Dogman | Light rocket | Getty Images

Spotify announced On Tuesday, he acquires Heardle, a music quiz show that has skyrocketed in popularity last year, for an undisclosed sum.

The deal will push Spotify on its mission to build a more interactive app as the company invests in videos, live streams and podcasts to diversify its revenue streams.

Hurdle asks users once a day to guess the song from the opening notes. Players have six chances to guess the song, and each clue gives users a few extra seconds to help them guess. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s heavily inspired by Wordle, a word-guessing quiz game that was acquired by The New York Times in January.

Spotify stated that “millions” of players use Heardle, but did not provide any details.

The appearance of the game will remain the same, that is, it will remain a separate game on your site. It will also remain free for players. The only change seems to be that starting Tuesday, players can listen to the full song on Spotify after they finish the game.

The game is now available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Spotify has said it plans to expand into other markets in the future.

The deal comes a month after Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said at Spotify’s investor day that the company is doubling down on in-app music discovery efforts to bring more users to the app and keep them on the platform.

β€œIn the future, we also plan to more fully integrate Heardle and other interactive features into Spotify so that music lovers can connect more closely with artists and challenge friends β€” and enjoy the process,” the company said.

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