The casual fan’s guide to the 2022 MLB draft

It’s going to be a busy weekend for Major League Baseball, which has once again combined its annual First Year Draft with other All-Star Game celebrations. While the baseball draft isn’t quite made for TV like its NFL or NBA equivalents, it’s still vital for most clubs. Fans just need to show some patience before they get excited about any of the players chosen by their favorite teams.

The draft consists of 20 rounds and will run over three days.

It kicks off Sunday at 7:00 pm EST with Rounds 1 and 2 plus some competitive balances and compensation. A total of 83 players will be selected on Day 1. Rounds 3 to 10 will start at 2:00 pm on Monday, and rounds 11 to 20 will start at 2:00 pm on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the days of a mysterious process with a theoretically unlimited number of rounds, conducted through a conference call, are over. The new collective bargaining agreement made last year’s 20-round format permanent, which is terrible news if you’re the nephew of the team’s marketing director (or if you Mike Piazza1,390th pick in the 1988 draft and subsequently inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame).

The Baltimore Orioles have been gaining momentum in recent weeks – calling on their best players and trying to win seems like a good strategy – but they tied last year’s worst record in baseball with Arizona and will be drafted first. The Orioles also have three other first day picks and a huge bonus pool of nearly $17 million.

The Mets and Tampa Bay Rays also have four picks on the first day.

Do you remember Andrew Jones? The teenager who hit two home runs in a World Series game and became one of the two or three greatest center field defenders in major league history (having hit 434 homies)? Well, brace yourself for Drew Jones, 18-year-old son Andrew, who is the highest ranked player on most prospect lists and has a decent chance of going to Baltimore with the number 1.1 pick.

No wonder the younger Jones is a terrific quarterback with massive power. It’s also not surprising that his cymbal discipline hasn’t quite reached its level yet. If he becomes a clone of his father, it will be an amazing career. He has the potential to be even better.

Another prospect on many lists is Cam Collier, third baseman from Chipola College, son of Lou Collier, an eight-year veteran. Cam is an intriguing player who dropped out of high school early to play in college’s best junior program – a la Bryce Harper – and won’t turn 18 until November. He has the tools of the major leagues as a hitter and defenseman and is likely to succeed despite his commitment to Louisville.

Then there’s Jackson Holliday, son of Matt Holliday, a 15-year-old major leaguer. Jackson, the high school shortstop from Oklahoma, is expected to hit on power, and even if he doesn’t stay shortstop, his speed can help him move into center field. (Keep an eye on the Hollidays: Jackson’s brother Ethan is also a future draft pick.)

Justin Crawford, a high school outfielder from Las Vegas, is the son of Carl Crawford (he’s a fast runner with good bat speed – get it) and Silas Ardoin, a catcher from the University of Texas who is known for his defense. son of former major league catcher Danny Ardoin.

Not necessary. So far, only one player from the 2021 draft has entered the major leagues – Chase Silseth of the Los Angeles Angels. it takes several years of aging before it can be appreciated.

At the collegiate level, there are some intriguing hands like Oklahoma’s Cade Horton and East Carolina’s Carson Wisenhunt, but for the most part, this draft is considered easy for rookies with ace potential. As a result, the Angels, who made history by using all 20 picks last year on pitchers (Silseth was their 11th round pick), look prescient to fill their system in a stronger year.

Rocker, the tenth overall pick in last year’s draft and a former Vanderbilt star, was not signed by the Mets after the team found something they didn’t like about his post-draft physical. He made several appearances for the Tri-City ValleyCats, an unaffiliated team in the Frontier League, and while he showed off his big fastball and ability to dominate, he also admitted that he underwent what his agent called “minor” shoulder surgery in September. .

His place among the top prospects this year depends on whether you think there is such a thing as a minor shoulder operation. But even if Rocker isn’t in the top 10, he’s still likely to leave the board on Sunday with some team ready to put his top-notch potential on the line.

Remember earlier when we discussed that the Mets have four picks on the first day of the draft? One of them – the 11th overall pick – is compensation for not signing Rocker. The other optional team choice is None. 75 overall – came through the Angels, who had to waive their player in the second round after signing Noah Sindergaard from the Mets.

The Mets will have $13,955,700 to sign their first ten round picks, the third-highest bonus pool of MLB’s 30 teams.

No, but they didn’t have to turn anyone down due to their decision not to sign top free agents (this has worked well so far). They have three top 100 picks (25, 61, 100) and after that they will pick 24th in every round.

Hold the horses. As part of the new CBA league, international draft on the table, which would drastically change the way baseball does business in places like the Dominican Republic. The concept has its supporters and detractors, and has been controversial enough for MLB and the players’ union to enter into discussion, agreeing to decide by July 25 whether to accept an international draft at a future date or to keep the current draft pick compensation system free. agency signatures.

Until this decision is finally made, the CBA is not technically complete. And since there is no international draft, only players who play in the US or Canada are eligible this year. However, keep watching in the later rounds as some of the players who made it through the MLB development centers in China have played collegiate ball and there’s a chance that baseball could get its first draft pick from that country.