Visual effects artists criticize Marvel for underpaying and overworking

OUR The drama surrounding the VFX industry regarding Hollywood’s reliance on them continues to expand as VFX artist Druv Govil has added his voice to the VFX industry’s growing choir against Marvel.

“Working on the Marvel series made me retire from the visual effects industry,” Govil tweeted.

“They’re terrible customers and I’ve seen too many co-workers break down after overworking while Marvel squeezed their wallets.”

Govil has been credited with creating Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) blockbusters. guardians of the galaxy as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

His tweet was in response to a Reddit thread that was similarly critical of Marvel Studios’ treatment of visual effects workers.

Originally written by user “Independent-Ad419”, the post is filled with VFX artists sharing their negative experiences regarding their contributions to the MCU’s ever-growing library of productions.

Many commentators still active in the field note that they are specifically asking not to assign Marvel projects due to a variety of factors such as pay that is said to be inconsistent with the effort put into the work and unreasonable deadlines and work completion times. .

Those sentiments were previously shared by Todd Sheridan Perry, the VFX artist who worked on Black Panther. Perry stated that Marvel Studios was rushed to develop the film’s climactic final battle, resulting in a sequence that he felt was unsatisfactory.

Ironically, the same day Govil posted the tweet, a clip of Taika Waititi was uploaded showing him mocking the CGI of his character Korg in the new movie. Thor: Love and Thunder.

“Does that sound like the real thing?” he asks Valkyrie actress Tessa Thompson, who laughs in return. Waititi has been criticized on Twitter for his seemingly deaf and “insensitive” remarks.

While the MCU is known for incorporating a vast array of VFX technologies, recent entries in the sprawling franchise have come under fire from fans who have been frustrated by the CGI.

Most recently, the Disney+ series She-Hulk Attorney at Law was criticized by fans who felt that the green alter ego of Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) looked unconvincing.

At the time of writing, Marvel Studios and Disney have yet to respond.