Celebrate Barbra Streisand’s big year with this epic musical tribute

How discourse around loud rework The Broadway revival of Funny Girl continues, with one New York performer paying tribute to the woman who started it all: Barbra Streisand.

Next week, Steven Brinberg will perform songs from Funny Girl — along with other songs from Streisand’s extensive catalog — as part of a special New York event for his live band, Just Barbra. The show takes place on Monday at a Manhattan nightclub. Chelsea table + stage and intended as a belated birthday celebration for Streisand, who turned 80 years old in April.

Check out the clip of Brinberg performing “People” from “Funny Girl” above.

Brinberg, who describes himself as “ageless and evergreen,” has performed as Streisand for over 25 years, touring with the legendary composer (and longtime music director Babs). Marvin Hamlish and has appeared in films such as 2003’s Camp and 2016’s Thirst. The New York native has also recorded two albums, Steven Brinberg Is Simply Barbra and Simply Barbra: The Duets Album.

“Barbra is in a class of her own” – Brinberg. said HuffPost. “She is so unique and has opened doors for so many great ladies to come after her, from Bette Midler to Lady Gaga. I love that she can just stand there and sing and get you involved like Peggy Lee or other great artists who don’t run all over the stage to get your attention.”

Regarding his thoughts on playing at the Chelsea Table + Stage, he said: “It’s just a great and elegant venue. As soon as I saw the front stairs, I sang ‘Hi, Dolly!’

Brinberg’s special guest at Just Barbra will be an actor and singer. Julie Benko, who gained recognition for her role as Beanie Feldstein’s stunt double in the current Broadway revival of Funny Girl. From August she will play Fanny Brice full-time. 2 to Sept. 8 and then Thursday night one time Lea Michele joins the cast.

In honor of Just Barbra, HuffPost asked Brinberg to rate his best Streisand performances. Here is Brinberg’s choice.