Duluth Airshow gears up for a busy weekend

DULUT, Minnesota. (KBJR 6) – A weekend of thrills, fun and lots of history thanks to a variety of different aircraft.

The Duluth Airshow returns with 15 numbers soaring in the sky, including the North American B-25 Mitchell, a historic World War II aircraft.

“It wasn’t a terrain bomber, it was designed for other missions, and it was constantly being adapted for missions throughout the war,” said Mitch Bertrang, mission coordinator for the Minnesota Wing of the Memorial Air Force.

They help to preserve and restore historic combat aircraft, which allows them to acquaint people with the history of the country.

“Our mission is to educate, inspire and honor,” Bertrang said. “To help the next generation understand what previous generations have done for us and the freedoms we have today.”

From World War II aircraft to modern aircraft, the Duluth Airshow showcases the finest in aviation.

Maj. Kyle Oliver flies the US Air Force’s No. 5 F-16 Thunderbirds as they return to the air show after their last performance in 2018.

Fan favorites are maneuvering across the sky.

“What you will see in Thunderbirds 5 and 6, we are solo, we will show you what the plane is capable of, so we will show you how low it can fly, how fast it can fly, how tight it can turn,” said Oliver.

A flashy show for the public, but Oliver explains at the end of the day that it evokes camaraderie.

“We are all here to be a beacon of excellence, and we are here to rally the people around us as a beacon of excellence in the service of something greater than ourselves, and I think this is a universal trait,” Oliver said. .

This year’s Duluth Air Show will feature three female pilots: Thunderbird No. 3 Maj. Lauren Schlickting, F-35 Maj. Christine Wolfe, and civilian pilot Jesse Panzer.

The air show takes place on Saturdays and Sundays.

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