Fully Integrated NFT Marketplaces: Luxy

Decentralized finance startup Luxy has partnered with the Syscoin network to launch its first NFT marketplace. For those who don’t know, Luxy debuted in April 2022 and now, after integrating with the Syscoin Layer 1 mainnet, its popularity is expected to skyrocket.

With the new integration, Luxy users will now enjoy superior security, and it will be easier for companies to scale their business thanks to the Syscoin blockchain technology. In addition, in terms of user experience, Luxy will now offer top-notch NFT support to its users through an elegant and simple user interface.

As part of the new partnership, Luxy also struck a deal with SysPunk NFT to release a range of digital collectibles that will be the first Syscoin properties ever offered on the platform.

Image Credit: Lux