NRL 2022: Joseph Manu feigns injury before attempt, Sydney Roosters defeat dragons reaction video

The Sydney Roosters star made one of the strangest passes of the season on Saturday, but not everyone was happy.

Roosters playmaker Joey Manu made one of the strangest passes of the season against the Dragons on Saturday.

Manu ran back to chase the wayward pass, but after picking up the ball, he stopped dead in his tracks and grabbed his left leg, looking like he was injured.

However, a fraction of a second later, he took off and cut through the gap between Blake Laurie and Billy Burns before going through a grubber and Paul Momirowski scored the goal.

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“Oh no, knee, wait, Manu, what did he do there? He sold a dummy with a knee injury, it’s a fake knee injury that set up a try for Momirovski,” said Andrew Voss on Fox League.

“We all stopped, the doctor almost got out and Manu left to organize an attempt.

“What a beauty, Manu cramp, fiber, then take off to set up an attempt.”

Co-commentator Shane Flanagan suggested that Manu broke the pain barrier instead of deliberately deceiving the Dragons’ defenders.

“I don’t know if it’s a fake injury, I think he had a cramp, he saw an open space and said, ‘I have to accept this, whether I have a cramp or not,'” Flanagan said.

“Feels like a cramp starts in the back of his calf and then just goes away.”

Manu told Fox League after the game that it was a pre-existing injury, but admitted that he was also fooling around.

“My calf has been a little tight for the last few weeks, but that has been a little too,” Manu said.

Roosters winger Joseph Suaali, who was interviewed along with Manu, denied this version and said it was cramps due to malnutrition.

“I think he ate KFC before the game, he ate the wrong food, so talk to a nutritionist,” Swali said.

Roosters skipper James Tedesco liked it and said he could use the trick himself.

“I don’t like that it was a plan, but it worked. I don’t know where he got it from, but he just took the tag off and it was amazing, it worked well,” Tedesco said.

“I may have to bring this, but I’ll probably get hit in the back.”

Originally published as ‘What did he do there?’: ‘Roosters’ star fools everyone as ‘fake injury’ creates stunning try