Russian Propaganda: Big Tech Firms Can’t Remove Russian Propaganda Posts, Ukraine Says

American major technology companies such as facebook, Instagramas well as YouTube restricted or blocked Russian state media accounts in the early stages of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These companies have reduced advertising sales in Russia and stepped up fact-checking.

However, these firms are currently unable to keep pace with emerging markets. Russian propaganda technology with the war entering its sixth month.

Thousands of tweets, YouTube videos and other social media posts have been dismissed by Ukrainian officials as Russian propaganda or anti-Ukrainian hate speech that claims companies are now less willing to take down content.

According to new research provided by
Washington Post from a non-profit organization based in Europe, many of these requests seem to go unanswered.

“When the first months of full-scale Russian aggression were going on, [the US tech companies] were very proactive, very interested in helping,” said Mykola Balaban, deputy head of the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, a government agency.
Mail. “Now they avoid calling us.”

The Ukrainian government and its non-profit partners are monitoring and flagging messages that use derogatory or inhuman terms for Ukrainians to justify the war as Russian efforts move from state media mouthpieces to individual influencers and “troll armies.”

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As of the end of June, more than 90% of the accounts responsible for such posts were still active, according to the report, and up to 70% of tweets and videos identified as anti-Ukrainian hate speech on YouTube and Twitter were still accessible.

The report also shows that less than half of the posts that Ukrainian officials described as examples of Russian propaganda justifying the war were removed from LinkedIn.

While many responsible accounts were still active, Facebook removed all 98 posts that the Ukrainian government and its allies identified as containing anti-Ukrainian hate speech.

The researchers allege that Russian authorities and influencers switched to Telegram to run awareness campaigns through many small accounts as big state media accounts were blocked or silenced.

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