Terrence Howard claims to have invented ‘new hydrogen technology’ to defend Uganda

Terrence Howard, who once said that one time one equals two, is changing the world – or so he claims.

The former Empire actor is currently visiting Uganda as part of the government’s efforts to attract investors from the African diaspora to the country. according to vice. In a grand presentation on Wednesday, Howard addressed officials and said he had developed “new hydrogen technology.”

“I was able to define the grand unified field equation they were looking for and put it into the geometry,” he said. “We’re talking about unlimited connections, unlimited predictable structures, supersymmetry.”

Howard went on to say that he could clean up the ocean and protect Uganda from exploitation with advanced drone technology. He called this system The Lynchpin in a 2021 press release. and said the patented technology has 86 patents.

“The Lynchpins can now act like a swarm, like a colony that can protect the nation, collect food, remove plastic from the ocean, which can empower the children of Uganda and the people of Uganda to spread this and sell these products around the world,” Howard said.

The actor has made similar vague statements before. Howard told Rolling Stone in 2015, one time one equals two, not one, and that he created a new symbolic language simply called “terriology” that he refuses to share until that language is patented.

Howard, who briefly retired from film in 2019 only to retire in 2020, has apparently made rewriting history a personal matter. When asked in September 2019 about his departure to the Emmys red carpet, he made vague statements that quickly spread on social media. according to vice.

“I made several discoveries in my personal life with the help of science, which, you know, Pythagoras was looking for,” he said. “I was able to correctly open the flower of life and find the true wave conjugations that we have been searching for 10,000 years.”

His latest statements regarding Uganda’s sovereignty and regional pollution have yet to be clarified. Howard was invited to speak by Frank Tamwebaze, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, who stated that Howard was “exploring the uniqueness of Uganda and spreading the word”.

Although part of Howard’s speech was tweeted by the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and has already been circulated, the vague claims to incorporate the “grand unified field equation” into geometry were certainly not the word they intended to spread.