The Manning brothers enjoy the British Open from the balcony overlooking the 18th hole.

On the right is the 18th hole of the Old Course, one of the most famous places in golf.

On the left is the Svilkan Bridge. And in the distance is St. Andrews Beach, where the Chariots of Fire races were filmed.

Watching Saturday from above it all, NFL Royals.

The Manning brothers – Peyton, Eli and Cooper – have just returned from their round of golf and have gathered with guests on a spacious balcony overlooking the legendary finish hole of the British Open. They are part of a group of investors who recently bought and renovated the historic Rusacks Hotel, which this week became the equivalent of the world’s largest luxury lodge on a 50-yard Super Bowl golf course.

“As an investor, I just wanted to come here and see if it exists,” Peyton joked, teasing his older brother Cooper, who was in charge of raising capital for the project.

This is an ambitious venture, the next step in an enterprise that began with boutique hotels on US college campuses. The group currently has three other golf hotel deals in North Berwick and Troon in Scotland and Royal Down in Northern Ireland.

“When I told people about this project that we had a chance to buy this place and that we were never going to sell it, they were amazed,” said Cooper, senior managing director at AJ Capital Partners.

Cooper Manning, brother of former NFL stars Peyton and Eli Manning, stands on the balcony of a hotel the brothers bought next to an old course at St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland.

Ben Weprin, chief executive of the investment group, said: “This place is the Mona Lisa.”

In fact, Peyton had just returned from the real Mona Lisa, having gone to see a major golf championship after he and his wife Ashley had vacationed in London and Paris.

In recent years, Peyton has become a big fan of Rory McIlroy, having met him while playing at the Memorial Tournament in Muirfield Village. McIlroy advances to the final round of the Open, sharing the lead with Victor Hovland.

“I had a great visit with Rory after [Memorial] round, in the gym of all places,” Peyton said. “They let me in anyway. I’m waiting for an evening cocktail I’m having with some clients and I’m trying to pass the time. And these guys are there warming up and getting ready for the next round. I have seen Rory at several gyms over the years and have always had good encounters with him. I’m reaching out for him.”

Eli, meanwhile, played in the Memorial Tournament last year at No. 1. Scotty Scheffler, who placed 1, is currently tied for fifth.

“Eli takes full responsibility,” Peyton said. “He said he cheered up Scheffler and kind of pushed him. Unfortunately, over time, you actually believe him. It’s like, “Wait, he didn’t really win, and now…”.

Peyton and Eli can move around Scotland a little more anonymously than at home, but sometimes passers-by would spot one of them on the second-floor balcony on a Saturday, stop in their tracks and do a triple take.

“Even my caddy told me that he really wouldn’t recognize me until he read my name on my bag,” Peyton said. “He said, ‘I know who you are. My brother is a fan of the Eagles. I think it would be the same if rugby players came to the States or something like that.”

There is no doubt that the Mannings are more recognizable than this, but they enjoy trying to blend in. The same goes for Rusacks (pronounced ROO-sax). Their group did their best to preserve the character of the place, making every effort to ensure that the new wing of 50 rooms was in harmony with the rest of the building, built in 1887.

Either way, from One Under Bar, a basement hamburger joint that’s open to the public, to the rooftop 18, a pre-order-only restaurant named after golf holes, not Peyton’s jersey number, Rusacks – this is the place to visit this week.

“Eighteenth hole of the British Open to come here with my brothers and friends and watch this,” Eli said, “you can’t beat him.”