The third world war is not worth supporting Ukraine in the seizure of land

The West is determined to invade Russia and they believe they can destroy it despite the fact that they are no longer a communist nation or threat. It doesn’t seem to matter because they want to, because Russia and China will not give up their sovereignty to the United Nations during this Great Reset for climate change and the WEF.

Indeed, many practical Western military strategists are beginning to agree that Henry Kissinger’s advice must be followed and that peace negotiations must begin – NOW. There are a growing number of military strategists who realize that Russia and Belarus, along with China and North Korea, will unite to defeat the West and NATO, which they consider the greatest threat to humanity.

The West needs war because it can no longer support this system of Marxist socialism, borrowing endlessly and not going to return anything. This is coming to an end. Our computer warned 40 years ago that the goal of the collapse of socialism would come in 2023. Communism fell in 1989 and now it’s our turn in 2023. Marx’s theories will remember all history. I find it interesting that this is forbidden even in the Ten Commandments, which warn that this idea of ​​robbing from one class into the hands of another has never worked. Now we have to pay the price for this theory. When it was first introduced, more than 200 million people died resisting communism in Russia and China. Paradoxically, we are now Marxism trying to impose its will on Russia and China. What goes around comes around.

Russia cannot use its aircraft because NATO provides Ukraine with all the necessary tactical information, so they only need to turn on their radars a few minutes before launch, and therefore Russia cannot destroy the systems that were replaced by NATO. Either Russia removes AWACS by providing this information, which is an act against NATO. The West thinks this is very clever, but they have really entered the war, and it’s just a matter of time before it gets out of control.

The danger here is that the West is pushing Russia into a very dangerous position. Russia could completely cut off arms supplies to Ukraine by destroying the dams that also form key bridges across the Dnieper. However, they can achieve the total defeat of Ukraine by launching several dozen tactical nuclear weapons. What will NATO do then? This clever tactic, where NATO is in a war but pretends not to be, is a very risky game.

It is unlikely that the West will ever take Kissinger’s advice and pressure Kyiv to sit down at the negotiating table and face the uncomfortable reality that they must give up their claims to territory occupied by the Russians, whom they absolutely hate.