Uta Abe defeats the Olympic champion at the Judo Grand Prix in Zagreb

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, once again hosted its annual Grand Prix and the best in the world competed in the competition.

In the 48 kg weight category, World Championship silver medalist Wakana Koga forced her opponent to submit in the final with a well-executed choke hold.

Dr. Laszlo Toth, Vice President of the IJF and President of the EJU, was present at the presentation of the medals.

In the weight category up to 60 kg Kazakhstani Shamshadin Magzhan had a great day. He was delighted to take his first gold on a world tour.

He was awarded the Mr. Ante Zigman, Chairman of the Board of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency.

All the talk today was about the Olympic champion Uta Abe, who today returned to international competitions for the first time since Tokyo, having dealt with each of her rivals. The young Japanese star quickly reached the final.

There, she will face the reigning Olympic champion in the lower weight category, who has made a lot of noise in the 52 kg weight category. Dystriya Krasniqi was on fire too, and the world of judo is waiting for the finale.

The battle was an incredible sight. A moment of genius followed by a quick transition to the foundation has settled the dispute for now.

Dr. Sanda Korak, IJF Director of Education, presented medals to two Olympic champions.

“My brother and I had a very happy life in our family after we took gold together at the Tokyo Olympics,” Abe said.

“Now we have a new goal – to win a gold medal at the Paris Olympics. We are very determined.”

Azerbaijani Yashar Najafov competed in the weight category up to 66 kg, mastering his technique with lightning speed on the way to the final.

He faced Italian Matteo Piras where a close Waza-ari count ensured his win.

mr. The medals were presented by Mohammed Merijah, IJF Director of Education and Coaching.

“For me, the best moment was the shot in the semi-finals… this is my favorite and best shot. And on the podium, podium,” Najafov said.

In the weight category up to 57 kg, Krista Deguchi returned to the arena. She is one of the most interesting judokas of the last few years.

After an unsuccessful streak, the Canadian put on some of the most exciting and classic judo of the day.

Eteri Liparteliani met her, but she could not stop Deguchi.

She was awarded the gold medal by Mr. Sinisa Krajac, General Secretary of the Croatian Olympic Committee.