Can the Scot one day win the British Open? Am I asking so much?

But Laurie is the only still reigning major Scottish champion, and he may no longer compete in the Open Championship.

“I’ll wait and see how I feel next year, but not right now,” Laurie said. “I’ve always said that I would never take a seat if I didn’t feel like I could play well and play four rounds.”

Law himself struggled a lot in his third round on Saturday, throwing 5 over-par 77s to drop to two over-par for the tournament.

“This is not an ordinary tournament, but we tried to make it as ordinary as possible,” he said earlier this week. “I’m not just here to soak it all up.”

There are certainly plenty to absorb. St. Andrews has more than just the R&A World Golf Museum, which is across the street from the Old Course. It’s also an open-air golf museum, where the American accent often trumps the Scottish in the shops, pro shops, and cobbled streets.

Business and property are booming again in the wake of the pandemic, with The Times of London reporting this week that properties near the famous Old Course Green 18 are being sold for up to £2,500 (about $3,000) per square foot, which house prices in St. . Andrews is up 23 percent last year and that’s about 50 percent of buyers in central St. Andrews. Andrews from overseas.

It’s not just golf: St. Andrews University remains one of the most prestigious in the UK, with John Knox, Thomas Bruce and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (better known as William and Kate) alumni. But golf is certainly at the center of the enduring attraction, and the shops on Golf Place, the road bordering the Old Course, are filled with knick-knacks and golf memorabilia, many representing Scottish golfers such as Open 5 winner James Braid. . times in the early 1900s.