CPD officer Daniel Golden is released from the hospital after being paralyzed during a shooting at a Beverly bar.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police Officer Daniel Golden, who was shot dead and paralyzed after breaking up a brawl in a bar in Beverly was discharged from the hospital over the weekend.

Golden is now heading to the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab to work with physical therapists as he continues his recovery. His family believes that this is the best place in the world for his recovery.

Officer Golden released from hospital after being paralyzed in Beverly bar shooting


“If he can work four years on the frozen tundra in Alaska in the army, he can get through it, he can do it. He’s got a great mindset, he’s strong,” said his father, Patrick Golden, a retired Chicago cop. officer, detective.

As Officer Golden left the Advocate Christ Medical Center Friday afternoon, he was greeted by a cheering crowd of friends, family and fellow officers.

Golden smiled as paramedics dragged him through the crowd to the Chicago Fire Department ambulance. Among the crowd of well-wishers who greeted him were his old friends from the Southwest.

“To see here these people with whom he went to high school, elementary school, served in the police department, it was so inspiring for him. It’s incredible,” his father said.

Golden was shot and killed outside a bar in the Beverly area over the weekend. Three men charged in shootingand prosecutors said Golden was just trying to break up a fight when one of the three men shot him in the back.

“We must stop this senseless, senseless gun violence. Too many people are dying here. Too many people are dying in the United States of America,” his father said.

Golden, a US Army veteran, is now paralyzed from the waist down.

“He is strong in the army. He can do it,” his father said.

After his son was taken to Shirley Ryan’s lab, Officer Golden’s father thanked everyone for their support and thanked Christ Medical Center for treating his son.

“Krist hospital was incredible. They saved his life. When I saw him the other morning, I thought he was going to die before my eyes. He was in shock. Christ Hospital brought him back. They saved him. Hospital of Christ. I can’t say enough,” he said.

He also shared that his son has impressed the doctors at Christ Medical Center as he is already able to sit in and out of a chair using what is called a carry board.

Officer Golden’s father said his son is tough, he’s as tough as they are, and he’s ready for the road ahead.

Tim McNicholas of CBS 2 graduated from St. Rita is in high school with Golden in 2009 and he said that even then Golden was known throughout the school as a tough and tough guy.

GoFundMe for Officer Golden’s recovery has raised over $1.2 million. You can find this GoFundMe here.