Elon Musk asks to postpone the start of the trial on Twitter

On Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked a Delaware court to reject Twitter’s offer to hear their $44 billion merger lawsuit in September instead of asking it to be delayed until next year.

In a court document cited by US media, Musk’s lawyers accused Twitter’s board of directors of wanting to expedite the case.

Twitter sued on Tuesday Musk for violating a contract he signed to buy a technology firm, calling his exit strategy “a paragon of hypocrisy.”

The lawsuit, filed in the US state of Delaware, calls for the court to order the billionaire to complete the deal to buy Twitter, arguing that no financial sanctions can repair the damage he caused.

The social media giant wants to take legal action in September so as not to extend the period of uncertainty that currently threatens the company.

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But Musk asked that the trial not begin until Feb. 13, citing the complexities involved.

Musk’s lawyers did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment.

The billionaire agreed to buy Twitter at the end of April.

But after weeks of threats, Musk last week tried to end the deal, accusing Twitter of “misleading” claims about the number of fake accounts.

This set the stage for a potentially lengthy legal battle with Twitter, which defended its fake account and promised to force Musk to complete the deal, which included a $1 billion breakout fee.

The social network reports that the number of fake accounts is less than five percent, and Musk disputes the figure, saying he believes the percentage is much higher.

His lawyers say evidence would require analyzing mountains of data.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Delaware Business Law Court.