K-drama ‘Outstanding Prosecutor Wu’ is in talks for a remake in the US

OUR popular korean drama Extraordinary Prosecutor Wuwho is breaking records around the world, received an offer to film a remake in the US.

South Korean drama stars Woo Yeon-woo (Park Eun-bin), a young lawyer with an autism spectrum disorder who takes on cases fighting injustice and prejudice after joining one of the country’s largest law firms.

The drama amazingly highlights her challenges and accomplishments as a lawyer, as she uses her exceptional memory and artistic thought process to handle cases that have managed to capture the hearts of many.

On July 14, JTBC stated that the series has received multiple remake offers. A spokesperson for the drama’s production company (ASTORY) stated that they have received an offer for a remake in the US and are currently considering it.

“We have received an offer for a remake from the United States and the production company is currently reviewing the offer.”

The drama has also been likened good doctorr, a 2013 TV series about an autistic pediatric surgeon played by Joo Won, which was also remade in the US with Freddie Highmore.

Since its first episode, the courtroom drama has broken record after record, with a new record set every week. The series also topped the Netflix Global Top 10, making it one of the most watched non-English language shows on the platform.

Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu available on Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday.