Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal shares sports car plans and upcoming e-scooter update

Founder and CEO of Ola Bhavish Aggarwal announced that his company plans to introduce a new electric sports car per Indian consumers.

In a series of tweets, Aggarwal also detailed the upcoming MoveOS 3 upgrade to S1 series electric scooters.

“We are going to build the sportiest car ever built in India!” tech boss wrote on the Twitter microblogging platform.

Aggarwal also shared a video on the platform where he tested the Moods feature in the upcoming MoveOS 3 update.

In another tweet, the founder and CEO of the platform mentioned that an upcoming update is scheduled for Diwali.

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โ€œMoveOS 3 is launching for everyone on Diwali this year. If MoveOS 2 was exciting, wait until you try MoveOS 3,โ€ Aggarwal tweeted.

โ€œHill Hold, Touchless Unlock, Mood, Refresh v2, Hypercharge, Calls, Key Exchange, Lots of new features! Proud of Ola Engineering for rapidly delivering world-class technology!โ€ he added.

Meanwhile, a recent report says Ola plans to lay off up to 500 employees across departments to cut costs and streamline operations amid the ongoing funding winter.

According to reliable sources, SoftBank-backed Ola has asked senior executives to find performance-based employees in their teams who can be asked to leave.

The company is reportedly looking for “more compact and cohesive teams” to maintain “high profitability.”

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