The Angels must follow Juan Soto’s plan with Shohei Otani.

The world of Major League Baseball was turned upside down on Saturday. That’s what happens when Juan Soto level player It is said to be in the trading market.

As first reported, the Washington Nationals recently offered Soto a 15-year, $440 million contract extension. Athletic. Soto turned him down, and as a result, the Nationals decided to start accepting trade offers for a generational superstar. They have until August. 2 to find a suitor for the 23-year-old outfielder or wait until the off-season to make a move.

This is an amazing development. He shouldn’t be the only one in this department in the next few weeks. Angels should follow the same approach Shohei Otani.

Otani, 28, rarely speaks. When he does, it is with a purpose. And last September, he said something that should have alarmed the Angels.

“I like the fans,” Otani said in Japanese. “I like the atmosphere in the organization. But my feelings of wanting to win are stronger.”

Otani gave his opinion two weeks before the end of another disappointing Angels season. The club finished 77–85, fourth in the American League West and out of the playoffs for the seventh straight year. Otani has become an unprecedented two-pronged force. He will win the AL MVP. It didn’t matter.

It’s more of the same this year. The Angels are in a mess again, even with healthy ones Mike Trout in the roster for most of the season, with Ohtani making even more mind-blowing double-sided performances. They fired their manager after a 14-game losing streak. They are lost Anthony Rendon for the season. Their pitching is still not good enough.

Shohei Otani takes the field after warming up for Saturday's game against the Dodgers.

Shohei Otani takes the field after warming up for Saturday’s game against the Dodgers.

(Alex Gallardo/Associated Press)

Just a few weeks ago, Otani hinted at the Angels’ post-win struggle, noting that he feels he needs to get deeper into the game because there aren’t enough men in the bullpen and the offense won’t be productive without Trout in the lineup. Otani had 13 strikeouts in eight scoreless innings that night. He had lost eight of the Angels’ 11 runs the night before.

Barring a shocking twist, they will once again miss the playoffs despite field expansion. This would give the organization one more year to get the ship up and running before Otani becomes a free agent.

Instead, they should figure out what it would take to keep Otani in Anaheim for the long haul and offer it to him. If not, they should trade him so they don’t face a big chance of losing nothing after next season.

Ohtani is a unique asset. With a salary of $5.5 million this season, he became the biggest deal in North American professional sports. He is an All-Star as both a pitcher and a forward.. He is attractive and has a rabid fan base in Japan. This combination is tempting for World Series contenders. His value will never be higher than now, a season and a half before he became a free agent.

But he has faced significant injuries, which, combined with his workload over the past two seasons, could reduce the price teams are willing to pay, whether it’s a trade or free agency.

“The best player we’ve ever seen,” said the team leader. “The only issues are the injury history and the age at which he hits. [free agency]. ”

The Angels have valid counters to not trade it. He’s the reason to buy a ticket to the baseball stadium. It provides advertising dollars from Japan. Most importantly, baseball seasons can be unpredictable. Who said the Angels won’t be in contention for a playoff spot next season? Check out the Baltimore Orioles this summer.

But the Angels haven’t been a legitimate contender since Otani arrived in 2018, and the loot they’ll get for Otani could bolster the farm system with elite talents for future advancement. While Soto should become a free agent after the 2024 season, Otani will be on the market after next season. It’s October 2, two opportunities for the playoff team to take advantage of Otani’s unique ability and win the title. The Angels are not able to reach such heights this season. Most likely, they will not be next year. It’s time to make a choice.