Urgent recall of IGA smoked fish products after bacterial contamination

A popular food has been rushed off supermarket shelves after it was found contaminated.

An urgent national recall has been announced for a number of smoked fish products following the discovery of dangerous bacteria.

South Australian health authorities announced on Sunday that they have found listeria in five food products manufactured by Harris Smokehouse.

Products Affected: Everyday smoked salmon, premium smoked salmon, hot smoked sea trout, hot smoked barramundi and smoked salmon trimmings.

There were no cases of listeriosis caused by bacteria.

Health authorities have warned that the infection could be especially dangerous for pregnant women, the elderly or immunocompromised Australians.

Listeriosis usually presents with mild malaise with symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting, stiff neck, and confusion.

Symptoms may appear up to six weeks after exposure to Listeria bacteria.

Five Harris Smokehouse products are sold in IGA and Foodland stores in all states except Tasmania.

Just under 2,000 products were sold before the health warning was issued. Those who have already bought and used Harris Smokehouse products are asked to monitor their symptoms.

The rest of the items have been taken off the shelves as noted below.

Originally published as Urgent recall of a popular supermarket product