Adam Scott praises Cameron Smith’s mental strength after stunning British Open victory

According to Adam Scott, Cameron Smith reached a new level in 2022 and became the main champion due to one very important factor.

Adam Scott says Cameron Smith learned to play golf “very well and very quickly” as he praised his compatriot Australian’s tough mentality after his stunning British Open win.

Scott was among a huge number of 11 Aussies to compete in the 150th Open Championship and quickly completed Smith’s rise to three wins in 2022 and now lifts him to thin air, one of only five Aussies to win the British Open. .

Also one of the big winners, Scott named two of Smith’s key weapons that led the 28-year-old Queenslander to his first major triumph, which came on the back of his Players’ Championship victory in March.

“He’s tough and he owns his game. He learned how to play golf very well and very quickly,” Scott said after finishing 10 shots behind Smith to finish 15th at St. Andrews.

“I think his mind is a big asset, as is his stick.”

Smith’s ability to play on the green helped him score five straight nines on Sunday and left his teammate, Cameron Young, in second place, in awe.

“I had a front row seat and I’m sure it was one of the best rounds that have been played this year,” he said after striking behind Smith.

“And we both started as four of two guys who are capable of more, if not more, than anyone else in the world.

“Today is another proof that he is so good and one of the very, very best players in the world.”

Smith’s ability to clean up the greens throughout the final round also ensured that Young, who needed heads at the short 18th par four to put pressure on his playmate, didn’t even think the deuce he made would be enough. .

“The way Cameron Smith does chips and putts, I really didn’t think he’d make a four,” he said as he completed one shot behind the Aussie.

“So, yeah, I was kind of just trying to figure it out and trying to put some kind of face on myself, because obviously you never know.

“But judging by the way he played… I think there’s a very, very good chance that two won’t be enough.”

Originally published as Adam Scott praises Cameron Smith’s mental strength after stunning British Open victory