Alcohol health: study says people under 40 should not drink

A new study on the effects of alcohol shocks all people under 40.

For most of us, our late teens and early 20s are when we drink and party the most. However, a new study has shown that people under 40 should not drink at all.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in Seattle has published a peer-reviewed study of the global burden of disease that looks at “21 regions, including 204 countries and territories.”

Published in the British Medical Journal LancetThe researchers found that alcohol’s negative health effects on people under 40 were so severe that we shouldn’t drink it at all.

These health effects include heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, not to mention that research has shown that alcohol increases a person’s chances of being in a car accident, injured, and even killed.

Unlike people over 40, when small amounts of alcohol were found to have potential health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, for those who drink before age 40, no health benefits were found at all.

However, this is not a fact that has so far kept most people from drinking alcohol. The researchers reported that roughly 1.34 billion people were consuming “dangerous” levels of alcohol in 2020 – which yes, probably has something to do with Covid and the lockdowns – and that 59 percent of those people were between the ages of 15 and 39. that men were the biggest drinkers, as many as 76.9% of those 1.34 billion “dangerous” drinkers were men.

IHME shared a press release on the results of this study, making it clear that the center understood that its results would not force an entire generation to abstain from alcohol, but they hoped it would help some people make better choices.

“Our message is simple: young people should not drink, but it is good for older people to drink in small amounts,” the statement said.

“Although it may not be realistic to think that young people will abstain from drinking alcohol.

“We believe it is important to communicate the latest data so that everyone can make informed decisions about their health.”

This may just be the push many need to join the growing trend. Australians in their 20s refuse to drink.

“I loved going to the pub, I was a bit of a party animal,” Jack Burton, 28, told earlier this year.

“But last year I just got over it a bit, so I took a month off for the first time.

“I just started loving that energy and waking up in a good mood, feeling better… I think the lockdown has changed the behavior of a lot of people. We stopped going out because we couldn’t, but it broke our habit of going out every weekend. You started looking for other things to do.”

Originally published as ‘Message is clear’: study says people under 40 should not drink