Cold weather to continue in South East Australia

Several states are expected to tremble with a “very severe” cold snap in the coming days, with severe weather warnings in place.

A cold week is ahead for large parts of Australia as the high pressure system intensifies in the southeast.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned parts of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia will see morning temperatures 4 to 8 degrees below average.

Daily high temperatures are also expected to remain a few degrees below average for most of the week.

“Basically, over the weekend we saw a very strong cold front moving across the southeastern parts of Australia,” said senior meteorologist Miriam Bradbury.

Melbourne is set to experience its coldest day since 2019 on Monday, with temperatures in the central business district projected to peak at just 10 degrees.

The strong southwesterly winds made it much colder than it actually was, but the afternoon sun brought some relief and made it possible to warm up in anticipation of the cold night.

On Tuesday morning, a severe frost warning was issued in the north and northeast of Victoria.

“This will be the first in a series of very cold mornings across the state with lows of -4 to 1 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings,” BOM said in a statement.

“The day is likely to be clear with light winds and plenty of sunshine.”

Parts of far southern Tasmania saw sea-level blizzards recorded early Monday, while the snowline reached just 300 meters around Hobart.

Low snow levels triggered both a crosswalk warning and a road weather warning for large parts of Tasmania, warning of snowy and potentially icy roads and adverse conditions.

“Conditions are forecast to improve on Tuesday as the next high pressure ridge approaches, with conditions expected to stabilize Wednesday through Friday,” Ms Bradbury said.

Originally published as ‘Very Strong’: Cold front to sweep through several states