Matthew Modine lashes out at Trump with harsh comparison to ‘Stranger Things’

Actor Matthew Modine told him “very strange things“The character is guilty of ‘mental bondage’ for what he did to the children on the show, which is an ‘unforgivable crime.’

Warning: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead.

In the fourth season of Dr. Martin Brenner, also known as “Daddy” to the kids, begs Eleven’s forgiveness as he appears to be dying.

Modine said that if Eleven granted him this forgiveness, Brenner would “spend the rest of his life knowing he was forgiven, but would have to take responsibility for what he did”.

“You think Donald Trump can sleep at night with a clear conscience? Or should he take a sedative and become a psychopathic liar to justify his behavior and what he did? Well, maybe he is. This is a bad example. [Laughs.] I think dr. Brenner is a more moral person and will have to spend his last days accepting and accepting responsibility for the pain he has caused. This is a real nightmare – the inability to escape from your thoughts and what you saw or did.

Modine also reflected on how his character could return to the series, asking three key questions about the dad.