Murder suspect leads police chase, causing fatal crash

MINNEAPOLIS – The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office says a 6-year-old girl, identified as Blessings McLuraine-Grey, was killed when the driver they were chasing crashed into the car she was in during a Friday night chase.

The driver, who was identified by a Minneapolis police spokesman as Hakim Waheed Muhammad, collided with a vehicle carrying five passengers as he was running from police. Another passenger in the car, a fifteen-year-old teenager, is still in the hospital.

Muhammad was wanted in connection with murder 29-year-old Dewan Dampier on April 7th.

On July 11, before his arrest, Muhammad was charged with the murder of Dampier. The indictment documents allege that Mohammed shot and killed Dampier after an altercation in Minneapolis.

Brooklyn Center Police say they received word that Mohammed was in town around 4:20 p.m. Friday night. Although the police did not say how the chase began, they say that at one point Muhammad reached speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in residential areas.

In a police statement, Brooklyn Center officials attempted to use both spike strips and a patrol helicopter. None of the attempts were successful. A few minutes later, Muhammad crashed at the intersection of 53rd Avenue and Humboldt Avenue, on the border of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center.

Devan Dampier’s mother quickly arrived on the scene.

“Looking at the wreckage, I just could not believe,” he said, “that someone else, their family, suffered from his recklessness.”

Neighbors and social activists expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the police would pursue the criminal in a residential area.

“I can understand people’s anger at the police going after a suspect, because then it really puts other people’s lives at risk,” Foss said. “But ultimately this is a man who decides to give the police a high speed chase. He was reckless. He didn’t care about anyone else, about his family. consequences of his actions.

A spokesman for the HCSO said three other passengers in the car hit by Mohammed have been discharged from the hospital. Muhammad is listed as imprisoned in the Hennepin County Jail but is still receiving medical attention, confirms release.

The incident is being investigated by the State Emergency Service.