The lack of milk teeth in a child actress amused netizens

OUR latest popular Netflix series K-drama, Extraordinary Prosecutor Wuhas been breaking records worldwide since its premiere earlier this month.

Viewers praised the series for its sensitive portrayal of people with autism, as well as for the performances of the show’s cast, especially lead actress Park Eun Bin, who plays the titular lawyer Woo Young Woo.

Most may be surprised to learn that the show only recently wrapped filming for its final episode on July 15th. The cast and crew celebrated the event at a restaurant in Seoul, and naturally, many reporters attended the scene and took photos.

Child actress Oh Yi Jool, who plays the young version of Yeon Woo in the flashback scenes, immediately caught everyone’s attention when she shyly refused to smile for the cameras despite repeated requests from photographers.

However, the reason for her hesitation was soon revealed during more revealing moments. It turned out that the girl had lost several milk teeth, and she felt embarrassed.

When the truth was revealed, netizens couldn’t help but sympathize with the adorable child and said it was “totally understandable.” Some also said that they couldn’t help but smile because of the humorous situation.

Episodes of the Netflix series currently air every Wednesday and Thursday, with the final episode airing on August 18, 2022.