Touching return of Bruce Willis to Nakatomi Plaza

FANS have rallied around beloved action star Bruce Willis since he retired from acting in late March after being diagnosed with aphasia, a disease that affects expression and comprehension.

Since then, members of Willis’ family have occasionally shared updates on his condition, letting fans know that the 57-year-old is in good spirits and doing well.

Over the weekend, Willis’ wife Emma Heming-Willis shared a black-and-white video on Instagram of the star enjoying the view from the rooftop of the Fox Plaza building in California.

Longtime Willis fans will recognize this design from the 1988 action classic. Difficult, where it was transformed into the fictional Nakatomi Square. In the film, Willis’ character John McClane infiltrated the building in order to destroy a group of terrorists and free the hostages they had taken. The film was an instant blockbuster hit and has gained a cult following over the years with annual reruns during the Christmas season when the film takes place.

Willis’ visit to the iconic skyscraper was no accident, as the film recently celebrated its 34th anniversary, which Heming-Willis noted in her video’s caption.

Fans immediately flooded the comments with messages of love for Willis, with some stating how much they still enjoy watching. Difficult after all these years.

Willis played McClain in four subsequent sequels, the last installment in the franchise. Good day to dieheld in 2013.