Von der Leyen heads to Azerbaijan for new gas import deal

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will meet Azerbaijani officials in Baku on Monday and is expected to close a deal to increase EU natural gas imports.

The deal will help the EU reduce dependence on Russian energy and could also solve gas supply issues after the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline began scheduled maintenance last week.

Work on a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany should continue until the end of this week, but the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the future of the gas pipeline is connected with sanctions against Moscow.

According to the document seen by Reuters, the proposed deal between Baku and the EU will increase the flow of gas to the block via the Southern Gas Corridor pipeline.

“The parties aim to support bilateral trade in natural gas, including through exports to the European Union, via the Southern Gas Corridor, in the amount of at least 20 billion cubic meters of gas annually by 2027 in accordance with commercial feasibility and market demand,” the message says. . says in the document.

Last year, 8 billion cubic meters of gas was transported through the pipeline to the EU.

This increase will require Azerbaijan to increase its own gas production.