Yves Lamper furious at Tour de France chaos as dogs pile up in peloton

The star was left furious and brutally injured after the dog wandered in front of the Tour de France peloton at the most inopportune moment.

Chaos broke out at the Tour de France after a dog crashed into the middle of the peloton at the most inopportune moment during the 12th stage of the event.

The dog was hit by one rider and saw two cyclists fall off their bikes. Sun reported.

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The peloton, in which dozens of riders rallied into a tight group, did well to avoid injury, and many of them came close to a shutdown as a result of the scenario.

The frightened dog tried to escape from the group and can be seen running alongside the riders at the end of the video.

It’s unclear how he managed to find his way on the road, although his safety has left social media users concerned after the clip was circulated on Twitter by CyclingTips.

But one star who certainly wasn’t happy about the break was Belgian Yves Lampert.

He was furious after the incident

“I don’t remember much,” he said, according to VeloNews.

“I just saw the dog at the last moment, and then the guy in front of me braked very hard. I did not expect this, and then I went down. We’ve seen it happen before on the Tour and it’s not funny when it happens to you. I wasn’t a dog lover before and that certainly didn’t help.

He also wrote on Instagram Stories, “Dog accident. After already many times; please keep the dog at home!!!!!

He posted it along with a photo of his injury.

Lampart lost a large piece of meat on his right thigh and struggled with leg and back injuries all week.

“The good legs are gone, but I hope they come back quickly because my back is still struggling and so are my legs,” Lampert said.

“Some wounds take a long time to recover, and it was not the easiest stage of recovery. I hope I can recover quickly, but I have my doubts.”

Racers rest on Monday after the 15th stage, which came in handy Lampert.

The famous cycling event has already witnessed its fair share of drama: at an earlier stage, the rider saw his glasses fly off his face.

In addition, the Italian rider Daniel Oss was forced to leave from the round in the fifth stage.

The 35-year-old actor overshadowed the chaotic scene when he broke his neck after colliding with a fan.

The event is still one week away from the start on July’s opening day.

This story first appeared in Sun and has been reprinted with permission.

Originally published as Rider still furious after dog crash at Tour de France