Zondo wants Royal AM to avoid what happened to Chiefs after Caf games

Habo Zondo expressed his wish that his Royal AM team would not follow the path of the Kaizer Chiefs after their Caf Champions League campaign.

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The Champions League can be a tedious campaign that drains a team and leaves them depleted, and Zondo has seen it happen with the Chiefs.

That’s why he’s now making sure his new Royal AM team doesn’t fall into the same hole as Amahoshi.

The Chiefs failed to keep the same spark in DStv’s premier league after having a strong run in the Champions League where they lost to Al Ahly in the final two seasons ago.

“We want to excel in both Caf games and PSL games,” Zondo said in a recent interview during the launch of the KwaZulu-Natal Premier Cup.

“You have to keep in mind that Caf games tend to be different from what we have at home.

“If we win (in the Caf games) it will be good, but if we don’t, it won’t be the end of the world. But where we really need to excel is in the PSL where we have to be competitive like last season.”

He then mentioned that the Chiefs weren’t able to get back in good shape after playing in the cafe. He said that Mamelodi Sundowns can only maintain consistency because they are well equipped.

“There are teams that went to Caf games and when they went back to local games, they didn’t do very well. It taught us very important lessons,” Zondo said.

“One of those teams is the Kaizer Chiefs. You can all see how long it took them to get back in shape after their cafe campaign. The Sundowns are recovering quickly because they are well stocked with quality players.

“This is something we also need to get right in our team. It is not profitable for us to perform well on the continent until we can achieve victories at home.

“We need to have players able to get the job done…those left behind (when we go to the Caf games) need to be able to get the job done in local games,” the 60-year-old mentor explained.