Awkward Details in Chris Hemsworth’s Gym Photos

Chris Hemsworth flaunted his muscular physique in a series of new photos on Tuesday to prove his Centr health and fitness program is getting results.

Thor the star showed off his toned biceps and abs in several photos to promote the site.

But there was one slightly awkward detail: the Australian star didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands – which he laughed at in the caption.

“@Centrfit has everything you need for your fitness journey,” Hemsworth wrote along with mail.

“What it doesn’t include is advice on what to do with hands in photographs. I hope this helps everyone out there. Here are my 3 looks…”

In 2019, the 38-year-old co-founded Centr, a subscriber-only fitness app, along with the digital arm of the Fitness & Lifestyle Group Loup.

The app, which went live almost immediately, is valued at US$200 million (AU$267 million) and featured famous celebrities including SWAT trainer Joseph Sakoda aka “Da Rulk”, Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson, Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocca. and his wife, fellow actor and fitness writer Elsa Pataky.

An estimated 200,000 people are now using the platform, which has been Acquired by brother of Amazon founder Jeff BezosMark Bezos, in April this year, the truth of the acquisition cost was not disclosed.

“Centr was created to provide people with carefully curated and integrated fitness, nutrition and mindfulness programs to help newcomers and more advanced users achieve their unique health and fitness goals,” Hemsworth said in a statement regarding the acquisition.

“I look forward to partnering with HighPost and Inspire to continue the success of Centr, inspire people to live healthier and more active lives, and grow our global subscriber base by developing new outstanding content and expanding our offerings.

“I would like to thank the FLG and Loup teams for their great contributions to Centr and for their continued support.”

Originally published as Awkward Details in Chris Hemsworth’s Gym Photos