Julie Bishop reveals her naughty messages with Carrie Bickmore in ‘The Project’

She may have recently broken up with her longtime partner, but Julie Bishop still knows how to handle the eggplant emoji.

The former Foreign Secretary said she received a strange, risqué text message while chatting with Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Ali on The Project on Tuesday night.

She discussed the use of emoji after a poll showed that 58% of people don’t know what they mean. In particular, eggplant is sometimes used to refer to the penis.

Ms. Bishop said, “I just think you should take the literal meaning—not speculate on the meanings. If someone sends me “Hey Julie, look at my eggplant”, I mean it’s eggplant, right?

So they are in the supermarket.

Bickmore replied that Ms. Bishop should have interesting personal messages from leading politicians.

She asked, “Have you ever sent eggplant to the PM?”

The former politicians laughed before Bickmore continued.

“Well, maybe you went shopping and… you know?”

“Oh no, I’m the recipient of the eggplant, not the giver,” Miss Bishop replied.

But do you like to go shopping? Bickmore laughed back.

“I think I’m blushing,” said Miss Bishop.

David Panton ended his eight-year relationship with Miss Bishop in early July.

The NSW developer reportedly told Ms Bishop on Friday July 1 that the relationship had ended while they were having lunch at the Eastbank restaurant on Macquarie St in Sydney.

“For the foreseeable future, I’m going to be living in Manly and Melbourne,” Panton said.

“I wish Julie all the best in her ongoing stellar career.”

Originally published as Julie Bishop reveals her risqué text messages on The Project