Love in high spirits

A PARK Joon Hwa’s new historical drama is a South Korean Netflix series set in a realm of dreams. Soul Alchemy tells the story of a famous but outwardly weak son of a powerful magician who hunts for the master. Jang Wook (played by Lee Jae Wook) is one of the famous “Four Seasons” of the city, along with Seo Yul (Hwang Min Hyun), Jin Cho Young (OH MY GIRL’with Arin) and Park Dan Goo (Yoo In Soo). Jeon So Min as Naksoo, a powerful sorceress who possesses the body of a blind maid named Mudeok, is at the center of the plot.

Naxu gives Mudeok’s eyes the ability to see, but her injuries and the fragile state of her body have robbed her of her magic. Mudok is sold to a brothel, where she learns about the families of magicians responsible for the death of her family. Somehow, Mudok becomes Chang Wook’s maid and he quickly realizes who she is due to her wonderful blue tinted eyes, but instead of exposing her, he makes an agreement with her: he will help her regain her powers and leave if she will help him. . This is because Chang Wook’s father sealed his magical talents when he was born. He needs Nux to break the seal.

In the midst of all the quest for revenge, the two leaders realize they may need each other more than they are willing to admit. There are already signs of an irresistible magical romance that keep viewers looking forward to future episodes. At the moment, the program has everything: fantasy, family drama, intrigue, romance and action. To be honest, I struggled to understand the first few episodes as they were a bit difficult. There are many twists and turns and I feel there will be more of them in the next episodes. All I can say is that I hope the original Mudeok that is currently suppressed will return someday and I hope that the person Chang Wook falls in love with is the real Mudeok and not Naxoo who took over her body. With so many underdeveloped supporting characters, the program has plenty of room to take us in the coming weeks. The overall concept is interesting, as are the visuals. So far, nothing looks crooked, and each character has its own plot development.

Nonetheless, Soul Alchemy very fun to watch, even if it’s imperfect and funny at times. This carefully crafted fantasy universe is so beautifully crafted that you have to commend the author for coming up with a cohesive story. It will definitely be interesting to see what the series has to offer. Jae Wook is back on the big screen and I’m sure we can all agree that we missed his charisma. His chemistry with So Min was more than I expected. They have great chemistry together and that’s another reason why I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

First few episodes Soul Alchemy made a big impression on me, and I sincerely hope that this series will get into the ratings. If you like historical dramas, Soul Alchemy would be a good choice. Soul Alchemy is now available on Netflix with new episodes airing on Saturdays and Sundays until the season finale on August 21st.