Make the scent stay

Is not it Is it magical to enter a room with the scent of sandalwood, jasmine or bergamot announcing your arrival? Perfumes and smells can attract attention, but how do you keep this effect? Some may be put off by the price of perfume, but it is expensive due to its oil content.

Perfume has the highest concentration of fragrance, containing 20 to 30% oil, and it usually lasts up to eight hours. This is why perfumes are more expensive, and for people with sensitive skin, perfumes are better because they contain much less alcohol and therefore do not dry out the skin as much.

The next most concentrated fragrance is Eau de Parfum. Containing 15-20% oil concentration, you can get a solid four to five hours of your fragrance on average. Perfume is made to stick to the skin without causing headaches to people around you or transferring them to someone’s neck after being hugged. This is the most common category of scents and the scent will last from morning to evening.

Eau de toilette contains 5 to 15% oil concentration and usually lasts two to three hours. That’s why they are usually cheaper than Parfums.

Now that you know the difference between the different categories of fragrances, here’s the right way to wear your perfume and extend its longevity.

Typically, you apply perfume to pulse points, such as the insides of your wrists and elbows, behind your ears, on your neck, and on the backs of your knees. This is because the blood in the veins flows close to the skin at these points, radiating heat, which helps the fragrance develop and spread faster.

When you apply perfume to your pulse points, you might instinctively rub your wrists or elbows together to smear the wet fragrance onto your skin, but actually rubbing perfume is a big taboo as it causes the top notes to burn a little faster. . If you want to blend two scents together, try tapping or massaging them instead.

When you shop for perfume, you may notice that the store often adds fragrance to their shampoo, soap, and even moisturizer. Using other body products with the same fragrance will also help the fragrance last longer because hydrated and hydrated skin can retain the fragrance much longer.

Some perfume lovers also layer their fragrances by adding various scented lotions to their perfumes, choosing scents that complement each other well. By checking the notes of a fragrance, you can sniff what works well and try it to see if it creates an even more unique scent that is most like you.

Perfumed water can be sprayed not only on the skin, but also on clothes, as it will last longer on the fabric. Because your sweat and natural oils can build up throughout the day, this causes the smell to dissipate, but odors tend to stay on your clothes for a long time, as you can see when you spray them on your clothes.

In addition, the composition of perfumes also affects their smell. If you’ve ever stepped into an empty elevator and smelled the person in front of you, then you’ve smelled the trail of their perfume.

Sillage is a French word meaning plume, that is, the fragrant plume that perfume leaves behind. Bold floral notes, deep animalic bases and a very high concentration of fragrances are known for their monstrous sillage.

“Projection” is another term for how your perfume can emanate from your skin, and while it may be associated with a sillage, it’s slightly different. Although this happens less frequently, sometimes a fragrance can have a hearty projection without leaving much of a mark.

This is typical for many men’s fragrances based on citrus notes. So while someone’s skin may radiate warmth and radiate fragrance, you may only catch a brief scent as they leave. Thus, they do not leave a big mark (low sillage).

Knowing this can help you understand how much perfume to wear and how it behaves around you. Now that you know a little more about fragrances, go ahead and find out what mark you would like to leave today.

Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of oil compared to Eau de Toilette.  - 123rf

Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of oil compared to Eau de Toilette. – 123rf