PBBM wants to build more FMRs to increase food production

The government is seeking additional foreign funding to build more farm-to-market roads (FMRs) to increase local food production.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. on Monday ordered the Department of Agriculture (DA) during a meeting with its staff to develop an FMR master plan that aims to provide access roads to certain priority farmlands.

FMR is the first step towards solving some supply chain problems. So let’s give preference to those who produce these [food items]Marcos said in a mixture of Filipino and English.

The plan, according to the Minister of Agriculture, should also include the source of funding, terms of payment, as well as the timing of the completion of the project.

“The president also wants official development assistance (ODA)-funded projects to be built in priority areas identified by the government,” Malacañang said in a statement.

As for the locally funded FMR, he said the DA and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) should build FMR projects.

He said he wants FMRs to be built in areas that are not prone to landslides and other natural disasters.

In addition to FMR, Marcos said he wants the DA to streamline its operations through optimization measures.

“I asked all department secretaries to do the same for their departments. So, since I am now the Minister of Agriculture, we should also do this in our department,” said Marcos.