Seth Meyers can’t get over one odd element in Sidney Powell’s Ian. 6 Certificate

Powell, one of the former presidents Donald TrumpX “Crazy team” of lawyers who was trying to cancel the 2020 election was shown running over a nutritionist. Pepper in pre-recorded testimony last week with a House committee investigating the January crime. 6, 2021 uprising.

“She drank that soda like she was playing in a Christian sleep camp,” Meyers joked on Late Night. “I will say that this is the right drink for her because Diet Dr. Pepper is the soda you buy when there’s nothing left in the vending machine. Just like Sidney Powell is your lawyer when there’s nothing left in the law shop.”

“Watching her drink a can of Dr. Pepper was another reminder that she can’t be trusted. It’s like having your doctor recommend surgery and then shoving a whole bag of Big League Chew into his mouth. You get a second opinion,” he added.