South Australian Police Cause Trouble with TikTok Video

The police officer caused a stir online by showing off many interesting dance moves in a speeding video.

Chief Constable Matt Brown took part in a TikTok clip posted to the South Australian Police account on Monday cutting shapes to Alexis Jordan’s hit Happiness.

The trend usually includes creators giving examples of how people react to something they’ve done, such as losing weight or announcing they don’t want to have children.

However, the South Australian police take a different approach, citing examples of “excusing people for speeding”.

Senior Constable Brown broke a number of moves as various excuses flashed across the video, including “I was just trying to get there quickly before I forgot where I was going.”

“I was just checking to see if your radar was accurate. It looks like it is,” was another.

“The wind was pushing my car faster” was also popular with forward drivers, as well as “I thought speeding was going VERY fast, I’m only 20 km/h more”.

Chief Constable Brown said he drew inspiration for the dance from various sources.

“I think my movements were inspired by years of watching Rage on a Saturday morning,” he told

“And I tried to pay homage to some classic Rick Astley, Beyoncé and Elvis movie clips.”

The police captioned the video, which has been viewed over two million times, saying, “No excuses. Especially not these. Please drive safely.”

Of the 2,000 people who left comments, many shared the excuses they tried to use to avoid a speeding ticket.

“My favorite thing is that I kept up with traffic jams, and when they tell me that there are none, I say how far behind I am,” one of them wrote.

“In my 20s, I was caught speeding trying to get to the Maccas before the breakfast menu ran out,” said another.

“I once got pulled over for speeding, apologizing for ‘listen to those screaming kids in the back, tell me you won’t try to get home faster,’” wrote someone else.

Many others have said that they have tried unsuccessfully to use the toilet emergency as an excuse.

While most were fans of the police’s quirky approach to condemning speeding, others found the video “desperate”.

“Ugh, this seems a little desperate,” wrote one of them.

“Aren’t you supposed to stop a crime and not look like you’re shaking off a bug while trying to dance?” someone else said.

“I’ll tell you what you need a ticket for. Their dance moves buddy,” wrote a third.

Originally published as South Australian police spark public outcry with ‘daring’ Tik Tok video of speeding drivers