Boxing 2022: Nikita Tszyu vs. Ben Horn Live, Hunter Ioan vs. Darr Foley Carnage

A fierce fight on the undercard of Nikita Tszyu vs. Ben Horn threatened to boil over until it was eventually stopped because one of the boxers was bleeding too much.

There was no lost love between Darrag Foley and Hunter Ioan at Monday’s press conference when Ioan stated, “I just want to keep going.”

And he proved he was a man of his word when he came off the first bell in their welterweight bout at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on Wednesday night.

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The Irishman stood his ground when Ioan boldly threw everything he had at him.

The fight threatened to get ugly as the two fighters continued to push and trade barbs even after the end of each round.

Ioan received a nasty cut on his temple from an accidental collision and it bled profusely, causing the fight to be paused several times while he was being treated.

“It’s going to be messy,” said Main Event commentator Ben Damon.

“Soon there will be blood absolutely everywhere.

“It’s going to get very bloody very soon.”

The referee eventually called the end of the fight in the fifth round, much to Ioan’s dismay.

Foley won the fight via unanimous decision (40-35, 39-36), but Ioan looked like he wanted to go outside when he subsequently approached Foley in the ring.

The audience was stunned by the intense competition and many were unimpressed by John’s antics.

Phil Rothfield of The Daily Telegraph tweeted: “Ioan’s infamous boxing prowess. You shouldn’t be invited back.”

Former WBO heavyweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli tweeted: “Watched the Tszyu vs. Horn undercard live from Australia, Ioan vs. Foley just went for it in the 1st round without ruining the whole damn prelude.”

In earlier fights on the main card, Joel Taylor and Jess Adams achieved impressive stoppage victories by sending their opponents to the canvas.

Full battle card Tszyu vs. Horn

Nikita Tszyu – Ben Horn – 6 rounds (super welterweight)

Sam Goodman – Juan Elorde – 10 rounds (WBO Oriental and IBF Inter-Continental super bantamweight titles)

Justin Hodges defeated Jordan Simi via unanimous decision

Darra Foley defeated Hunter Yoan via unanimous decision

Jessica Adams defeated Ashley Sims via TKO (second round)

Shanell Dargan defeated Jaala Tomat via majority decision (39-38, 39-37, 38-38)

Joel Taylor defeated Michael Hall by stoppage in the first round

Originally published as ‘Shameful’: Boxing erupts during Hunter Ioan and Darra Foley’s bloody fight