British woman’s face doubled in size after an hour in the sun

A British woman described how her face doubled in size after an hour in the sun.

Eva Jones accepted tik tak to share her cautionary tale about the sun, revealing that she was left with severe blisters, a swollen face and heatstroke after just an hour of sunbathing.

“One hour tan won’t do much,” Eva wrote in the video. The clip then showed how red her face was.

“Guys, I’m laughing, but it’s not really funny,” she said.

TikToker shared the second snap and wrote, “Update girls, my face is swollen.”

Eve’s post has since gone viral, racking up 3.2 million views, showing her face’s journey from pale to bright red.

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AT another videoshe clarified that the accident happened last week in 20-degree weather, and not during the recent heat wave in the UK.

Eva explained that she went to the beach for an hour and didn’t put on enough sunscreen. She said it was windy so she didn’t think she’d get badly burned.

“I wouldn’t go out in weather like this when it’s like a stupid degree and put on sunscreen,” she said in the second clip.

“I should have put on more sunscreen when I drove last week, it was my fault.

“But I’m not as stupid as people think.”

Users have warned Eva that the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can damage the skin even on a cloudy day or in a cool breeze.

“Same thing happened to me and it was cloudy…need to watch the UV scale!” wrote one person.

– with the sun

Originally published as Woman’s face doubled in size after an hour in the sun