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Amazing doll makers right here in Malaysia create adorable and beautiful dolls by hand.

dolls often attract children. Decades ago, dolls had Caucasian facial features such as blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin tone. But now everything has changed a lot.

It’s important to bring racial diversity to dolls these days. A variety of dolls represent different races and encourage children to learn to appreciate different ethnic groups.

In Malaysia, artisan artists create dolls that reflect Asian flair, while some manufacturers focus on bringing uniqueness, quirkiness and creativity to dolls that children and adults alike adore.

In addition to children, Malaysian dolls have made an impression on people all over the world, including collectors. Thus, doll makers have gone beyond the usual limits by sewing or sculpting original creations.

Creative and imaginary dolls

Variety is key when it comes to dolls made by Evangelione (Instagram @evangelione).

Artist Yeo Mei Ying has been making dolls with Asian features since the beginning of her art journey. In fact, some of her creations are reminiscent of herself.

Hand-sewn wide-eyed cute Yeoh dolls have expressive faces and different personalities. Made of fabric, felt and clay, they are decorated with a beautiful hairstyle.

Creatively designed and whimsical dolls reflect different personalities, cultures and countries – dressed in bright colors, different fashion styles or fashionable outfits from different eras.

For Yeoh, dolls are a vehicle for telling stories and expressing emotions, and she has managed to create a niche market for her creations.

DeMuse dolls

Fashion designer and doll artist Nigel Chia handcrafts “DeMuse Dolls”, realistic lifelike figures that resemble fashion models.

Chia, who runs Nigel Chia Atelier, sculpts Caucasian, African and Asian dolls in various model poses.

His glamorous creations, which he describes as “high-fashion resin muses”, feature beautiful features and varied skin tones. The dolls are dressed in bespoke high-fashion designer clothes designed by Chia, who also designs and creates bags and shoes.

DeMuse dolls are stunning, and gorgeous gowns, from ruffled ball gowns to a bridal collection crafted from exquisite fabrics, are adorned with a plethora of embellishments.

And Chia even shares the process of making dresses on Instagram @nigelchiaofficial.

Fancy dolls

Creativity is at the heart of making handmade Kho Tain Ching dolls. Ho, owner of EEching’s Handmade (Instagram @eechinghandmade), creates fantasy or imaginary and whimsical dolls.

Her realistic dolls express a range of emotions, from grouchy to smiling, and look spectacular with bright makeup – pink-pink cheeks, brightly colored curled hair and unique hats.

The little dolls also wear funny or sometimes dark clothes, depending on the mood of the characters. Some dolls have wings like Batwoman or the mushroom heads of Amanita Muscaria.

Dolls in hijab

Dolls are now more diverse than before, and one artist has taken their design one step further and created dolls that cater to a niche market – hijab dolls under the brand name DollsbyMawar.

Since 2013, cloth doll artist Mawar Aris has been designing and making hijab dolls to bring variety to a young child’s life, and she has never looked back.

The dolls are completely covered from head to toe in a long juba dress with a beautiful floral pattern, combined with a plain hijab.

She even makes a pair of mother and daughter dolls, a set of family dolls, a crochet hijab collection, and dollhouses. Bodysuits and skirts are made from Liberty London cotton.

amigurumi dolls

Amigurumi is an intricate Japanese art form in which the knitter knits intricate details, from eyes to accessories like handbags. Such hand-knitted dolls come in bright colors.

Knitter Lydia Wong creates mostly female dolls from fairy tales and fantasy with colorful fashion and traditional clothing such as kimono and Dutch clothing.

She also shares her creations on Instagram, @lydiawlc.

Her knitted dolls have a soft texture as they are made from yarn, and the finer the yarn, the smaller the dolls. Sometimes thicker yarn is used for larger dolls.

In addition to human figures, animal-shaped amigurumi dolls created by another doll maker, Elynn Ha, are irresistible even for adults (Instagram @leftypixie).

Her collection of adorable animal dolls includes frogs, rabbits, foxes, pandas, elephants and turtles that look like soft toys, while some knitted creations look like cartoon characters come to life.

Her toys are made from milk cotton yarn, which is pleasant to the touch and suitable for babies and children.