E-bikes focused on essentials: hjm bike tour

HJM Bikes has launched a new series of entry-level electric bikes called “HJM Bike Toury”. This set includes two bikes with different frame layouts for riders of different skill levels and heights. The series includes an ebike with an adapter and a ebike with a pass-through, with each bike available in several sizes.

The HJM Bike Toury series bikes boast a maximum range of approximately 45 miles, achieved by a 48V 14Ah battery that powers a 750W geared motor. The engine has a top speed of 20 mph at its highest speed, while the bikes have three general driving modes for different scenarios such as off-road or uphill riding. Both the HJM Bike Toury and the HJM Bike Toury Step-Thru retail for $1,799 and are available online at the HJM Bike Store.

Image Credit: HJM bike